Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Solaris Wooden Clock Plans

Beautiful holiday.

If "Letters from Lebanon" take their holidays early this year it is because he has nothing better to do.

Program: Do not consult any media source of any kind was she, nor to profane (at least during the period of''off''), the virginal purity of the morning with the sight of endless local and regional Tronches whose clinging reminiscent of a turd that spurts repetitive flushing fail to take off.

That said, the faithful friends (which I welcome and wish them a glorious holiday) that they know the importance attributed by this humble blog, so that text to the illustration, will readily understand the reasons behind the two images reproduced above, and the first is the Martyrs' Square as it never will be again more, and the second which reveals the vision of torch-bearers of the culture of life , a place''restored''in the middle of which stands the improbable turn of the old hag "Czecho-Yankee.

Times change, and the way of Beirut / Paris main pilgrimage once for all Lebanese hungry for culture and knowledge is definitely fallen into oblivion, supplanted by paved with gold and illusions of Yathrib / Manhattan.

And the pearl of the Levant history quickly turns into a kind of New Dubai, with the order, law and the economic boom and less, and worth emphasizing from the outset.

Today, just rumors long suppressed by the authorities (!?!), about the presence of significant oil deposits in Lebanese territorial waters, located almost confirmed that arose candid Perrette already predicting the end of our economic plight and the beginning of a new era of milk and honey for all Lebanese.

But then, why should I let this good news of marble? All

stupidly huge advantage because of this (if it ever sees the day), will be equitably distributed among some international corporations on one side and the other a handful of local Leviathans with scrapings to distribute both sides of mercenaries, vassals and other lackeys.

As for''good people''Lebanese, his destiny is to always find "a hand behind and one before" according to our well known local saying, the equivalent happens to be French: "Big John as before .

And it will not be there because he will see justice in this that it deserves.

Chiche, and time will tell!

Accompanied by a few books and comic CDs and DVDs, I put the green in hopes to finally realize a long cherished ambition: that of doing nothing.

Hasta luego compaƱeros.

Ibrahim Tyan.


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